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"Don't give the public what they want. Give them something better."  'Roxy' Rothafel

Colette Redgrave brings to the voice industry a wide range of performance experience and natural ability being born of a theatrical and musical family. As the name suggests Colette's relation to the Redgrave Acting Dynasty means her talents exude confidence and precision in many mediums including voice-over, ADR, singing, audiobooks, stage and television. Recent work has included The Windermere Children - BBC Films, The Gentlemen and Rocketman - Pinewood Studios, Watchdogs 3 - Ubisoft, Sound on Screen and Hope Island – Audible, published by WF Howes.

Colette has a clear and precise non-placed accent, alongside native Cumbrian and an ability to perform young child-like quality. She also sings professionally and is versatile with accents.

Uniquely, Colette has a professional standard home recording studio that is fully sustainable and has a zero-carbon footprint. Based in a beautiful traditional Portuguese Windmill in the Algarve, the studio is located off-gird and supported fully by a 7.2kw Solar Panel System with 20kw battery storage, it’s own water supply and a wind turbine.

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"Colette’s range in terms of accents and performance is phenomenal. What is equally impressive is that she often gets it on the first take!"
Guy Rowland, Source of Sound

"Colette is a superb vocal artist who brought Lakeland scenes to life in the voiceover video for Burn How"
Mike Robinson, Burn How Hotel

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